Frequently Asked Questions

Peter Augustus is a craft butcher store by Stanbroke, one of Australia’s most well-known and respected cattle and beef producers. Peter Augustus was established because we believe everybody should be able to access the very best produce regardless of their budget. At Peter Augustus we are committed to delivering a totally unique customer experience through our dedication to serving quality product and sharing our passion and knowledge with our customers.
Stanbroke is a family owned beef and cattle company that traces its origins to 1861 and today is well-known in the Australian beef industry. What makes Stanbroke unique is it is one of the few beef companies that controls each stage of the production process. It owns cattle stations on which the cattle are raised, grows the natural grasses and grains on which the cattle graze and owns the state-of-the-art finishing and processing facilities that ensures quality and consistency of the product.
All of our beef is sourced through Stanbroke. This is important as the quality of the beef and ultimately your eating experience is determined by the care that has been shown to the animal during each stage of the production process. Any undue stress the animal experiences at any stage of its life is detrimental to the beef it will produce. As Stanbroke owns and operates each stage of the production process, strict best-practices are followed to ensure the animals always receive the highest of care and that’s why at Peter Augustus we can guarantee the quality of our product each and every time.
We stock grain-fed, grass-fed and organic beef. We have cuts from highly marbled Wagyu to beautiful, flavoursome Angus cattle to suit every type of discerning palate.
We offer a full butchery service across all proteins including beef, poultry, pork, lamb and associated products. We also stock a gourmet range of premium condiments exclusive to Peter Augustus.
All of our suppliers share the same level of commitment to quality that we do. We source only the highest quality products that are raised both naturally and using sustainable methods.
Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a delivery window or specific time that you would like to nominate for delivery. Our drivers will deliver to your nominated address between 10am - 6pm, and they can call your contact number when they are delivering (if required).