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Our Brands

Our Brands

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Sanchoku Wagyu Beef

Sanchoku is a Japanese philosophy which follows the principal of food and produce being “direct from the source”. A practice that promotes transparency between customers and producers, championing the production of the highest quality produce. Our Sanchoku Wagyu beef honours this philosophy, blending the finest Japanese Tajima and Michifuku bloodlines with the supreme quality and natural purity of Australian beef. Delivering a beef, famous for its melt-in-your-mouth texture, depth of flavour and tenderness.

Signature Black Angus Beef

Sourced from only the finest Angus cattle from the pristine grass pastures of the temperate high country. Cattle are finished on a carefully prepared grain feed for a minimum of 100 days that is designed to optimise eating quality and enable year-round consistency. Signature Black represents only the finest Angus beef, derived from animals that are 100% Black Angus.

Augustus Grain-fed Beef

Deep in the Gulf Country of northwest Queensland is Augustus Station – prime grazing territory since 1881. Augustus beef comes from our grain-finished cattle and are specifically selected for their grain feeding performance to produce a consistent texture and flavour. These cattle are raised on natural pastures for most of their lives before moving to a customised grain ration. It makes for optimum eating quality and year-round consistency.

Flinders Natural Grass-fed Beef

At the peak of the dividing range where the headwaters of the Flinders River carve their way through the land you’ll find some of the most untouched pastures of rich natural grasses in Australia. Flinders Natural encapsulates the pure beef flavour of this pristine environment. Cattle are never treated with any kind of antibiotics or hormones and roam free on some of Australia’s most fertile country. It makes for flavoursome, natural beef.

Ryukyu Pork

Ryukyu Pork is known as the “Wagyu of pork” and is a Berkshire cross breed. Black Berkshires are a heritage breed tracing back to the 1600’s in England, and renowned for their superior meat quality. Berkshire genetics enable high intramuscular fat, resulting in a pork product that is juicy, sweet flavoured , tender, rich in texture, and full of flavour. Raised ethically and respectfully in the Northern Rivers of NSW, these pigs grow up stress free. All pigs are fed a natural based diet of barley, wheat, soybeans, and other grains.