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Our Brands

Sanchoku Wagyu
Signature Black Angus
Flinders Natural
Pioneer's Pride
Eggcentera Farm

Signature Black Angus Beef

Sourced from only the finest Angus cattle from the pristine grass pastures of the temperate high country. Cattle are finished on a carefully prepared grain feed for a minimum of 100 days that is designed to optimise eating quality and enable year-round consistency. Signature Black represents only the finest Angus beef, derived from animals that are 100% black Angus.

Sanchoku Wagyu Beef

Sanchoku is a Japanese philosophy which follows the principal of food and produce being “direct from the source”. A practice that promotes transparency between customers and producers, championing the production of the highest quality produce. Our Sanchoku Wagyu beef honours this philosophy, blending the finest Japanese Tajima and Michifuku bloodlines with the supreme quality and natural purity of Australian beef. Delivering a beef, famous for its melt-in-your-mouth texture, depth of flavour and tenderness.

Pioneers Pride Beef

This is a hand graded product that is picked from our Flinders range. Pioneers Pride has much tighter guidelines and must have a marble score minimum of 2 and up. It is 100% pure grass-fed beef. Our Pioneers Pride brand is inspired by the founder of our company and is our highest quality grass-fed beef on offer.

Flinders Beef

At the peak of the dividing range where the headwaters of the Flinders River carve their way through the land you’ll find some of the most untouched pastures of rich natural grasses in Australia. Flinders Natural encapsulates the pure beef flavour of this pristine environment. Cattle are never treated with any kind of antibiotics or hormones and roam free on some of Australia’s most fertile country. It makes for flavoursome, natural beef.

Pastured Pork

Pastured Pork is part of the ongoing diversification of our sustainable farming practices carried out at Starks Road.

Our pigs are rotationally grazed in open kikuyu grass paddocks, along with being supplementary fed with pecan nuts and nutritionally balanced pig grower pellets. This ensures all necessary vitamins and minerals are provided for the pigs on a daily basis.

Mostly active in the cool of the morning and likewise in late evening, the pigs carry out plenty of digging using their snouts locating earthworms, bugs and seeds. They are provided with water wallows and as a result they are “as happy as a pig in mud”!

With all this natural behaviour occurring it means more exercise, and this in turn, means the pork produced is of higher quality and a delicious taste that is beyond compare!

Heritage Rare Breed Pork

Our heritage rare breed pork is carefully selected from a herd of pigs that are breed specific (Landrace x Birkshire).

Once selected they undergo a ration feeding program that enhances the flavour of the meat while trying to get intramuscular marbling though the muscle fibres.

Our main aim is for the pigs to roam free in a natural environment making sure they have a stress free experience wile they are growing.

We work closely with the farmer and producer to ensure our specific guidelines are met for out shop specifications.

Long Paddock Lamb

The Long Paddock Lambs are pasture raised and grazed, meaning they are superior eating when it comes to palatability. With our ongoing commitment to sustainable farming the lambs are fed a supplementary ration that utilises two key ingredients that are recycled and traditionally regarded as a waste product sourced from within a 50 kilometre radius of the farm.

The products we use are a tightly held secret (secret herbs and spices sort of stuff). The palatability of the lamb is second to none, and most exciting is the marbling (intramuscular fat) we are achieving on a consistent basis leading to an exceptional eating experience making your taste-buds turn top to tail. Again with the Long Paddock Lamb, we are mindful of the need to fast track the journey from paddock to plate, at all times ensuring the ethical treatment of the animals, ensuring our customers get fresh product at all times.

Tasmanian Prime Lamb

All of our Tasmanian lamb is selected by our farmer and produced for our shop.  It is a Dorpa cross breed that we try and aim for a weight of 21-23 kg into both our stores.

Our focus with lamb is to let them grow in their own time and not force feed them this ensures the eating quality on a consistent basis so our customers get trust in the product and are confident to buy it on a regular basis.

Eggcettera Eggs

Eggs are what we are all about. Our eggs come from our flock of happy, free-range hens and are collected twice daily and prepared for sale.

Mobile sheds house them and are open all the time to allow the girls to roam the paddock in search of food, scratch in a dust bath or spread their wings.

This provides them a variety of seeds, worms and insects to eat, and this diverse diet results in eggs of superior quality to those available at the supermarket – eggs that we are truly proud of!